We offer no refunds for any voucher or tickets, or anything you might buy on this site.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. There are no exceptions.

Tickets are valid only for the date and time period are shown on the ticket.

Tickets must be presented for admission.

We’re so happy you’re going to join us at Ice Palaces Bethel. Please read the following disclaimer.

The Ice Palace, as the name implies, is constructed entirely of ice. As such, it’s extraordinarily vulnerable to rain, sunlight, and daytime highs above 30 degrees. Ice Palaces Bethel submitted a formal request for extended freezing temperatures, but unfortunately, we missed a filing deadline and our request was denied.

In short, we don’t know how long the Ice Palace will remain standing. It may not look as good as it did in the pictures you saw online. Frankly, we don’t either.

But we do invite you to contemplate the sculpture as the living, dynamic being that it truly is. Each day, the ice melts. Each night, a few guys stay up trying to build it back. It’s an exhausting cycle of death and rebirth, but like everything else in this life, that’s got its own special beauty.

We hope it looks amazing. We’ve worked really hard on it. But if we lose the battle with the rain and sun, we hope you can still see the magic in what we’ve tried to create.

If you don’t find it worthwhile, we’ll send you a voucher for next year’s palace, and you can try again with us. Thanks for taking the chance.

Below is one of my favorite comics; it sums the situation up pretty well.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you at Ice Palaces Bethel.



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Email: support@icepalaces.com

Last Edited on 12/20/2021