By buying any voucher or ticket off this site, you agree on your behalf and, on behalf of any other individual, including minors, for whom you purchase tickets (hereinafter, jointly and severally referred to as “Participant”), in consideration of Harbor Enterprises Marketing & Production, LLC (hereafter “HEMP”) permitting the Participants to enter the premises located at 121 Mayville Rd., Bethel, Maine (hereinafter “Premises”), and participate in the activities thereon (hereinafter “Activities”), Participant understands, acknowledges, and agrees that the Activities, which may include but are not limited to an ice structure and fire pits, involve inherent risks, including risk of physical injury, including but not limited to head injury, sprains, broken bones, burns, concussions, disability, damage to property and other persons, collision with other persons, and death, and other unforeseeable damages. Participant acknowledges HEMP, the owner of the Premises, and any affiliate or subsidiary, officer, director, member, manager, agent, employee, contractor, representative, heir, assign, volunteer, independent contractor, equipment provider, or insurer of any of them (hereinafter “Protected Parties”) are not responsible for the activities of other participants. By signature below, Participant acknowledges the inherent risks and that no amount of care, caution, instruction, or expertise can eliminate inherent dangers associated with the Activities. Participant acknowledges that by entering the Premises or when engaging in Activities, there is a risk of exposure to contagious diseases, including COVID-19. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Participant knowingly and fully assumes the risk of, releases, and shall indemnify HEMP from all claims resulting from Participant’s exposure to any contagious disease and acknowledges that they may be forced to leave if they evidence symptoms of a contagious disease. Notwithstanding any fees paid by Participant for entry or any representations made by Participant, Participant will not be permitted to participate once the Participant has consumed any alcohol. In consideration of enjoyment of the Activities, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Participant, including on behalf of any child Participant and his/her/their executors, assigns, and representatives releases, and agrees not to sue, the Protected Parties from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, demands, suits, causes of action, costs, fines, judgments, settlements, fees and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and court or other costs), and, to indemnify, defend, release and hold harmless the Protected Parties from and against the same, associated with any bodily injury, disability, or death of Participant or damage to or loss of Participant’s property relating in whole or in part to Participant’s use of the Premises and/or during or relating to Participant’s active or passive participation in the Activities, or incidents occurring in or about the Premises where any Activities are taking place, or in transportation to and from the Activities, damage to, loss of or theft of personal property of Participant, and due to the strict liability, negligence, gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Protected Parties. Participant acknowledges on behalf of Participant, including any child Participant, that Participant possesses sufficient physical fitness, health, and skill for safe participation in the Activities. If purchasing tickets for a child, the undersigned represents it has legal capacity and authority to act for and on behalf of the child and agrees to indemnify and defend the Protected Parties from and against all claims of liabilities relating to any insufficiency of the undersigned’s legal capacity or authority to act for or on behalf of the child in execution of this Agreement. By checking at checkout, you consent to the use of your electronic signature in lieu of an original on paper. You may request that you sign a paper copy instead. I have read and understand this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms. If signing on behalf of my spouse, child, friend, or other person, I expressly warrant and represent that I have such person’s actual and implied authority to do so. I on my own behalf, on the behalf of others for whom I purchase tickets, and as legal guardian of any child Participant(s) hereby: (i) represent that I have read, agree with, approve, and agree to be bound by the foregoing agreement; (ii) assume the risks of participation, and (iii) acknowledge that the Protected Parties will not have any responsibility for any injury or pay for any cost or expenses incurred in the event of injury. Web: Email: Last Edited on 12/20/2021